LARRY KAMERMAN is a filmmaker and the president of Genco Films. Kamerman has produced, shot, and/or directed theatrical motion pictures (The Daytrippers, A Day Off); short films (Abhidya, It Goes On); documentaries (Dislocation, Aris, Night in NY) and a television series for The Independent Film Channel (With the Filmmaker). Kamerman has worked with such renowned filmmakers as Albert Maysles, Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, Wes Anderson, Jane Campion and Jim Jarmusch.


A.V. SUDHIR is Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies at Columbia University in the City of New York.   His most recent book is Gang Leader for a Day (Penguin, 2007). His previous book, Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor (Harvard University Press, 2006), a study of illegal economies in Chicago. Off the Books received the C. Wright Mills Award (2007) and a Best Book Award from Slate.Com (2006). He is a frequent contributor to NPR,, and has appeared on various media outlets including The Colbert Report and Larry King Live. Sudhir directed Dislocation, a documentary film that followed families as they relocated from condemned public housing developments. The film aired on PBS in 2005. He also directed a short film, Abhidya, which examined the life of South Asians in New York after 9/11.


BROCK GRAHAM is an accomplished editor, cinematographer, and sound recordist, who has worked on a wide spectrum of narrative and documentary films. Editing credits range from documentaries (Dislocation, Lucky Dog) and concert pieces (Willie Nelson Sings the Blues with Wynton Marsalis) to feature narrative films (A Day Off, Homework), as well as music videos, commercials, and promotional work. Graham has worked with such notable talents as Jojo Pennebaker and Albert Maysles.


DANIEL WASSERMAN is a filmmaker with a passion for innovative and challenging cinema. In addition to producing, editing, and collaborating on current productions of documentary and fiction work at Genco (At the Top of My Voice, On the Job, Abhidya), Wasserman is also a feature film screenwriter, and has directed several short narrative films (Master of the Kennel, Iron Pocket) that have screened in festivals and film series nationwide.


JENNIFER FILIPPAZZO is a freelance film & television producer, camerawoman, editor, graphic designer, and all-around media shaman. Focusing primarily on social justice issues and current events, her film credits include Full Battle Rattle; Aristide and the Endless Revolution; and Brothers And Others. She has also worked on television and design projects for The United Nations, National Geographic, PBS, Good Magazine, Court TV, Deep Dish TV, and the National Institute of Health. Prior to launching her freelance career, Jennifer spent 3 years working at the award-winning, independent news organization Democracy Now!, where she developed her palate for righteous indignation. In her proverbial spare time, Jennifer enjoys fine wines, stinky (often illegal) imported cheeses, and looking at pictures of kittens on the internet.

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